The Route

Our journey will start on 17 July 2017 from The Goodwood Racing Circuit in the south of England.

After a short ferry crossing, over the English Chanel our route will see us through Northern France, Belgium and Germany before stopping in Czech Republic for our first check point.

After a good old party in Prague, we are set for the second leg through Slovakia, Hungary and Romania (home). Our second and last check point will be Vama Veche(Black Sea) in Romania.

The third, final and longest part of our journey will go through Bulgaria, around the Black Sea through the south, Turkey, Georgia, around the Caspian Sea through the north, Russia and The Stans (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kirgizstan).

By far, the most interesting and full of unexpected will be the crossing of Mongolia.

After going through 18 countries and traveling around 10000 miles we should reach our destination: Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia).
This used to be the old finish line, but from 2016 the new finish line is set in Ulan-Ude in The Russian Federation.

For most teams this is the end of the adventure. After few days in Ulan-Ude they will be boarding a plane and fly back home. The cars will be loaded into a cargo train on the Trans-Siberian Railway and transported to Lithuania to be disposed of.

WE ARE NOT THE AVERAGE TEAM! We are going to travel by train on the same Trans-Siberian Railway and be reunited with our beloved car in Lithuania. We will then drive the car back to the UK.