The Team

The Driver

Name: Adrian Tritade
Nationality: Romanian,
Age: 37 ,
Height: short,
Weight: we do not speak about it.

He has good driving skills and excellent orientation when sober.
Some say about him that . “an hour after he was born he drove himself and his mum back home from the maternity ward”.
A natural born driver.

The Mechanic

Name: Luchian Preda
Nationality: Romanian,
Age: ?,
Height: enough to give some to the driver,
Weight: he could use some from the driver.

He has the ability to fix anything from a broken heart to a jet engine.
Some say about him “他有一个大工具”

The Photographer

Name: Adrian Popa
Nationality: Romanian,
Age: 36,
Height: between the driver and mechanic,
Weight: improving

With his magical machines and lens and loads of hours on Photoshop, he can make the driver look fit and the mechanic bald.
He is the perfect combination between a beer expert and internet geek.
Some say about him that “once he took a picture of a passing thought”.