Three days on the road

Day 3 into our epic journey and we are doing great.
After the kick off party at Goodwood we headed for the Ferry Terminal in Dover.
The crossing went smooth, with some of us sleeping, some enjoying the view and some recovering after the vodka and tonic of the night before.
Our seccond night of camping was in Bergcastel-Kause.This place is something else.We arrived at the camp site in the middle of the night, set up and went to sleep.The view we wake up to in the morning was breathtaking. Tippical german little town with narrow cobbled streets ,beutiful houses and polite people.I was expecting Heidi to come down the street yodelling.
After a quick visit in Luxemburg we started our journey to Prague. We decided to stop for one more night in Germany before Prague to rest and enjoy another night of german sausages and beer.The night went well appart from the moment Luchian crashed our drone…ups
We went to sleep drunk and full of sausages.
To be continued. .pictures to follow when internet connection will allow it.

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